For Doula support...

"I could sense Lucy's passion for pregnancy and childbirth from the moment I met her. She is very warm and welcoming and supportive. She has a wonderful awareness about her which is what drew me to choosing Lucy as our Doula. She is a great listener and was very patient with me when I would share my anxiety around childbirth. She made me aware of the options I had and helped provide the information I needed so that I could make informed and intuitive decisions around the birth I hoped for."
Birth Client, June 2017

“Thank you so much for being such a huge part of my pregnancy journey and transition into motherhood. You have been such a huge inspiration to me these past months and I know I will always look up to you forever! We are so grateful to have had you at the birth with us, your quiet presence was exactly what we needed, warm and strong, loving, soft and supportive. You’ve been so invaluable with all the information, research, guidance and follow up both before and after birth, we would have been so overwhelmed trying to do it all ourselves. I could not have asked for better support from a doula and wish you will be there for my next one already! ”
Birth client, December 2016.

"Lucy’s quiet, calm, warm energy during early and active labour were really great in helping me breathe through contractions without becoming hysterical, and she also helped to get food, liaise with my mom, etc.
I never felt judged for opting for an epidural, which I felt could be the case with other doulas. Lucy was really calm and patient and helped make the room cosy and warm while we waited for me to dilate to 10 cm. 
During the pushing phase, Lucy stood by my side and rubbed my forehead between contractions, and was generally super encouraging and patient and calm! It was the best support I could ask for, and I’m so grateful to have had her at the birth of our daughter."
Birth client, December 2016

"Seeing Lucy regularly was lovely because we got to know her better, hear her encouragement and feel excited about the birth. She was also always available via text/Whatsapp so it was great to know I had a friend I could reach out to 24/7 if needed re: emergencies or questions, etc."
Birth client 2016

"Lucy has a warm, enthusiastic and bubbly personality which is incredibly helpful for anxious mums. She is always available via text/email/phone and has access to great research and information, and follows up with articles, facts, etc. As a new-ish mother herself, she’s really inspiring and empathetic and easy to relate to! I could not have asked for a better doula experience!"
Birth client 2016

For Yoga...

"Lucy's classes made such a difference to my pregnancy. I had tried other pregnancy yoga classes and found the yoga practise itself boring and repetitive while the classes lacked something that touched me as a person. Lucy's yoga sessions are challenging, dynamic and energising while always adapting to and respecting the changing pregnant body. The classes include work on breathing skills to help with labour and birth, based always on Lucy's own practical experience during her own labour and her work as a doula. However, it is Lucy herself who makes her classes stand apart from the rest. Lucy gives so much to each class member - listening to their problems and gently suggesting solutions.She weaves this kindness, warmth and respect for others through each part of our classes, turning us from a disparate group into a community. Joining my first class I was overwhelmed by my own fears, and I left much more confident in my own abilities. Through my pregnancy, Lucy's classes have always be a highlight in my week and I have grown so much through them. Thank you Lucy!"

Sarah Atkinson

"Lucy's classes have been fantastic and incredibly valuable. She has a really warm and lovely teaching style."
Emma Warnock-Parkes

“Lucy does our pregnancy yoga classes and gives birthing advice to all our mamas, she has a beautiful way of expressing the birth process. She is a brilliant companion for any woman going through the amazing transition from woman to mama. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”
Franny Joseph-Zywicki

“I was lucky to attend Lucy's pregnancy yoga classes last year and it was a great experience. Although I was new to yoga, I immediately felt at ease and welcome and Lucy's passion for teaching pregnancy yoga was evident immediately. As I was struggling physically with the pregnancy, Lucy adapted the yoga for me each time and this was so appreciated. I came back to the yoga practices all throughout my pregnancy, during a long and hard (but wonderful!) labour and to aid recovery since. I definitely recommend it!“
Claire Washington.

For Closing of the Bones...

"I recently had a Closing the Bones ceremony with Lucy and it was an amazing experience.  I wasn't totally sure what to expect but after creating a lovely space in my home Lucy explained everything and I was completely at ease.  I'm so glad I had the ceremony, it was a really amazing experience.  I felt totally calm and relaxed throughout and even more so at the end!  I practically floated to bed and even a night of completely broken sleep didn't dent my good mood the next day.  As mothers we take so little time for ourselves and this was a really nourishing experience that has made me feel ready for the next chapter in my life and extremely grateful to my body for giving me my children.  It was such a pleasure to share this with Lucy and discuss all things birth and motherhood.  She is a wonderful lady with a warm and caring nature and I would recommend any new mum have the Closing the Bones ceremony with her."
Clare Neill