Every mother-to-be and every birth experience is different. Also, I understand that every couple has different needs so I am always happy to be flexible to ensure that I provide a service that works for you.

As a Mentored Doula, I keep it simple. I can offer you 1 Birth Doula package, and 1 Postnatal Doula package. 

Birth Doula Support

  1. Free introductory meeting
  2. From the moment you book me, I am available for you through your pregnancy by phone, email, whatsapp. You can ask me any questions, queries, have a rant, cry or a mini fist-pump celebration with me whenever you like. I can accompany you at hospital visits, scans or help you prepare your home for a new arrival. 
  3. 2 x Prenatal sessions - usually 60-90 minutes each, preferably one with your partner but he/she is welcome to both. During these meetings we will discuss:
  • your birth wishes. I'll help you make a birth wishes document
  • your comfort measures
  • how your partner can help support you during your labour
  • work through any anxieties or fears you have about birth
  • how to get the best out of your healthcare professionals
  • (we make an induction wish list at 40 weeks...)

4. I'll be on call 2 weeks before your due date and until you baby is born, however long we wait for him/her!

5. I'll stay with you for a few hours after birth to make sure you and your partner are settled with your new baby and have established feeding before leaving you to it.

6. 1 x Post natal visit. I'll visit you a day or two after your birth depending on your wishes (sometimes it's the following week.) During this time I can:

  • listen and talk through your birth story
  • discuss any questions you have about motherhood
  • help you with any breastfeeding concerns
  • bring you yummy food requests
  • Put the washing on or anything else I can do to help!

7. I am available to you for consultation 4 weeks after birth. You can get in touch with any questions your might have, for a chat, some moral support or just some friendly company. 

*Needless to say – if you need something else – don’t be afraid to ask. I can accompany you to appointments, scans, assessments if you need additional support, I really am at your service.

**This support is tailored for and by you. We can add prenatal sessions, add 1:1 yoga sessions, Closing of the Bones Ceremony, postnatal visits, whatever you want. Once we meet, we can create the best support package for you.

Contact me for more details. 

Postnatal Doula Support

As your Postnatal Doula I offer you encouragement, love and a pair of hands!

I can visit you 1,2,3 or 4 times a week for as long as you desire in the first 6-10 weeks. I can:

  • hold you or your new baby
  • help you address any breastfeeding concerns and support you as you begin your breastfeeding journey. 
  • wash up, tidy up, clean up (generally help around the house to make you feel more settled) 
  • care for other siblings, the new big brothers or sisters
  • talk to you about how you're feeling, as a new mother, emotionally, and physically
  • simply help you adjust to family life with your baby.
  • I can also offer you the Closing of the Bones Ceremony when you feel ready at any time in your fourth trimester or beyond.  
  • I can help you get to grips with Baby Wearing so you can free up your hands and allow your baby that dreamy skin-to-skin nap time. 

My postnatal Doula Support is charged at an hourly rate. Contact me for more details.  

I feel very honoured to be a new Doula. I want my support to be tailored to your needs, so tell me what you want and chances are I can help you get there.

I’m incredibly humbled by and totally committed to my clients and I pride myself in truly and honestly finding love in every woman.

I want you to feel surrounded by warmth and security as you confidently birth your baby and transition into motherhood.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss any part of my doula services, please don't hesitate on hitting this lovely button: