Hi, I'm Lucy, a Doula, Yoga Teacher and new mama based in South East London.

With passion, I believe Pregnancy is a gift to be enjoyed. Through Yoga we check in with your body and your baby, we help to ease any physical issues that come up, help to keep you supple and strong (gently), we practice breathing techniques for birthing, help you to relax, sleep better and bond with your baby. Supporting pregnant women emotionally and physically through this transformational time in your lives is my honour. 

If you choose me to assist your birth and be your Doula, I'm yours to help you have the safest and most positive birth experience possible. When new parents feel listened to and nurtured, when their choices are respected and babies are born and raised gently, by parents who feel strong and empowered, the world becomes a better place!

And of course, I would be thrilled to support you with some nurturing Post-natal yoga once your baby has arrived. We work gently together to rediscover your new body post-childbirth, to strengthen your pelvic floor and generally nourish your body and mind through your postnatal healing. 

If you'd like to learn a little more about me, you can follow me on Instagram, email me or give me a call to arrange a chat over a chai?


Native Mamas-to-be - at The Green, Nunhead - THURSDAYS (bi-weekly) - 11am - 1pm

I am delighted to be offering Pregnancy Yoga at Native Mamas-To-Be, the latest event by Native Highs. If you are expecting a baby (and are 16 weeks pregnant or more) come and join me at The Green, Nunhead on Thursdays from 11am-1pm, BI-WEEKLY, and enjoy:

Your retreat will include: 

  • Pregnancy Yoga with me
  • Mindfulness with Fenton
  • Pre-baby craft workshops with Frannycat 
  • Vegan Lunch with Dust Granola

The Morning will also include lots of little information bites for our new mums and a great way to meet other Mamas-to-be.



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Contact me

If you have questions about yoga class, to arrange a private group or 1:1 session or for more information about my Doula services, you can call me anytime on 07784 049 822 or email lucyleonardyoga@gmail.com